In 1998, over Labor Day weekend, Mudshark Brewery first opened its doors in Lake Havasu
City, Arizona. Over the past 20 years Mudshark Brewery has earned a reputation for excellence,
innovation, and consistency and has produced some of the best craft beers in the state.
The family owned and operated brewery handcrafts their brews using only the finest ingredients
in the most traditional way by people who are truly passionate about good food and good beer.
Mudshark Brewery crafts their beers using only the four basic ingredients allowed under the
German Beer Purity Law, pure water, malted grain, hops, and yeast, and serves the brews at
their peak of freshness.
While Mudshark Brewery is known for producing quality microbrews, it’s their commitment to
push towards a green brewery to reduce their carbon footprint that is truly remarkable. The
brewery does their part to conserve resources by recycling excess water from the brewing
process, donating spent grain to local farmers, switching from propane to natural gas, and
having 80% of their daily brewing operations rely on solar power.
This September, the award-winning brewery will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with the Grand
Opening of its new expanded facility. The upgraded facility will feature a tasting room that will
seat 130 people, a new canning room, lounging patio with games and lake views, a full service
bar, a kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven, stages, and an outdoor beer garden. With 12,000 sq
ft of additional space, the expanded brewery will have plenty of room for tours and private
parties making it Lake Havasu’s ultimate lakeside oasis.
Join Mudshark Brewery for their 20th Anniversary/Grand Opening Celebration this September.
More details to come. Check back here for dates and details.
Can’t wait for Mudshark Brewery’s 20th Anniversary/Grand opening party in September? Get
the party started now with a 6-pack of Candle Burner IPA for a refreshing beer perfect for
summer. Crafted using a unique dry-hopping method, Candle IPA has less bitterness and more
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hints of juicy citrus, and boasts a 6.2% ABV.