By the Numbers

12% ABV
22% IBU
25.2% OG

Lunacy (Imperial Belgian Style Wit)

Aroma: Moderate sweetness with light notes of orange and coriander, grainy, spicy wheat aromatics. A complex herbal, spicy, or peppery note in the background and moderate zesty, orangey fruitiness. Spices blend in with fruity, floral and sweet aromas.

Appearance: This unfiltered wheat is cloudy from starch haze and yeast. which gives it a cloudy orange appearance.

Flavor: Herbal-spicy flavors, which includes coriander and dried orange peel which rounds out this uniquely flavored ale.

Mouthfeel: Medium body, that has a smoothness and light creaminess from the unmalted wheat and the flaked barley. Refreshing, light acidity, and hint of bitterness in finish.

Overall Impression: One of our top selling beers, a refreshing and high-strength wheat-based ale, yet still smooth and creamy.

Fermented out to achieve 12% ABV, Drink with care!

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