By the Numbers

6% ABV
55% IBU
14.2% OG

Candle Burner India Pale Ale

Aroma: A prominent tropical hop aroma with a melon, citrus peel and resin character derived from late whirlpool hop additions and a unique dry-hopping technique that involves multiple dry-hopping. 1-during primary fermentation in hopes that the yeast will distribute more hop particulates throughout the beer and remain in suspension as well as the traditional dry-hopping after primary fermentation to lock in the juicy hop aroma. While only using 2 fruit-forward hops: Mosaic and Citra.

Appearance: This IPA is golden in color and hazy due to the generous addition of wheat and oat.

Flavor: High hop flavor that reflects the unique hopping techniques, with plenty of tropical fruit and citrus. The malt supports the in your face hop presence providing a balanced hop/malt flavor.

Mouthfeel: Soft and creamy due to the addition of oat’s and wheat.

Overall Impression: A More flavor and less bitterness compared to your typical IPA.

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