By the Numbers

9.6% ABV
55% IBU
22.2% OG

Barrel Aged Abominable Winter Ale

Aroma: Barrel aged to perfection in Jack Daniels barrels, with a rich, oaky and complex, with variable amounts of roasted grains, maltiness, chocolate, hops, and alcohol. The roasted malt character takes on coffee, dark chocolate, and slightly burnt tones. It is the perfect winter warmer.

Appearance: This beer is jet black, opaque with a deep tan head.

Flavor: Rich, deep and full bodied imperial white chocolate stout. Medium coffee bitterness with a faint white chocolate flavor on the palette, top it off with the bourbon oak flavors, you can’t go wrong with Abominable Winter Ale!

Mouth Feel: Full bodied  with a silky and creamy mouth feel, with luscious texture and a gentle smooth warmth from alcohol is noticeable.

Overall Impression:Mudshark’s Abominable is an intensely flavored, big, dark winter ale that is a rare and a glimpse of the great flavors of both white and dark chocolate that melds well with the roasty, burnt sensations of this big Imperial Stout.

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